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Sun Chemical is constantly working to promote sustainable solutions. 我们的方法 to sustainability guides the way we develop, 制造和分销产品, as well as how we work with our customers 和 suppliers.

Working with industry leaders 和 in line with DIC Corporation’s goal to achieve 到2050年实现碳中和,我们正在减少全球CO2 emissions by increasing the use of bio-renewable, 可堆肥和可回收的材料, while promoting the value of these activities throughout the supply chain. Our emphasis on sustainability continues to be fundamental to our innovation 和 产品开发 和 is gaining broad support from our customers.



Sun Chemical takes a phased 方法 to our sustainability efforts 和 uses a 路线图 to improve the eco-efficiency of our processes 和 products. Every year we publish a sustainability report which shows our progress in achieving our eco-efficiency goals 和 helps us establish actions to improve, 复检和重新测量. We invite you to request a copy of our latest 可持续发展报告.


SunChemical_Internal_可持续性_MetricsSun Chemical’s sustainability policy stresses its responsibility to raise awareness about environmental issues in the industries it serves. Product stewardship 和 risk management are also important components of the policy with a commitment to take an analytical-based 方法 to its efforts.

Providing customers with enhanced sustainability of their processes 和 end products is the ultimate goal of Sun Chemical’s sustainability policy. 为了达到这个目标, Sun Chemical will use rigorous development processes 和 analytical tools to evaluate 和 improve the eco-efficiency of both its manufacturing procedures 和 products.

This data-driven 方法 in the policy means Sun Chemical will be able to set improvement targets for its processes on energy 和 water consumption, 温室气体排放, 和 solid waste emissions as well as develop products with a structured 方法 that includes risk management 和 eco-efficiency improvements as criteria.

Sun Chemical reports this data 和 its ongoing progress in achieving its improvement targets annually in its sustainability reports.


澳门葡京赌场官方网站, 我们使用我们所谓的“5r”——重用, 减少, 回收, renew 和 redesign – as a way to guide our sustainability efforts in our 操作, 产品开发cross-industry partnerships 和 collaborations. “The five Rs” can help guide sustainable best practices 和 assist br和s as they navigate the heightened environmental l和scape.

  • 重用 -减少一次性包装
  • 减少 -包装做得多,用得少
  • 更新 -受益于生物可再生材料
  • 回收 ——大力发展循环经济
  • 重新设计 -重新评估以提高效率

To learn how you can use “the five Rs” to grow your business sustainably 和 contribute to a circular economy, 下载澳门葡京赌场官方网站 Sustainable Growth – a guide to help you grow your business sustainably 和 contribute to the circular economy.


了解更多关于澳门葡京赌场官方网站的信息 方法 为了可持续发展 video.


Discover how our 5R framework can help your business lower COemissions, cut costs, boost business growth while significantly enhancing public perception with our 可持续增长指南.


Learn how we’re aligning our sustainability goals with the United Nations’ 2030年可持续发展议程.



找出他们做了什么 减少我们的整体碳足迹 澳门葡京赌场官方网站设施.


See how Sun Chemical’s expertise 和 know-how is leading to the development of 可持续发展的产品和服务 它们正在改变我们所服务的市场.



协作 up, down 和 across the value chain is critically important in order to effectively improve sustainability. Learn who we are partnering with to achieve sustainability goals for br和s.



澳门葡京赌场官方网站是 法规遵从性. Keeping up with these regulatory updates can be quite challenging for br和s 和 converters. That’s why we’ve provided regulatory newsletters as a free resource for you to keep you up to date on the latest regulatory developments across the globe.



澳门葡京赌场官方网站公司提供了一整套 可持续发展资源, from podcasts 和 videos to white papers, infographics 和 guides. Take some time to listen to our experts talk about our sustainability efforts 和 how your organization can be more sustainable.




DIC Publishes DIC Report 2023 Integrated Report

东京, 日本- 8月21日, 2023 — DIC Corporation published the English-language version of DIC Report 2023, the latest edition of the DIC Group’s annual integrated report, 哪个包含两个财务信息, including operating results 和 management strategies, 非财务信息, 关注环境, 社会及管治计划. 的封面和目录页

发展 of Innovative Biomanufacturing Technologies Using CO2 和 H2 as Feedstocks for Hydrogen-oxidizing Bacteria

东京——8月8日, 2023年的今天,双日公司, Central 研究 Institute of Electric Power Industry, 绿色地球研究所有限公司.有限公司., DIC公司,东丽工业公司., 和Daicel公司, have concluded an agreement with 日本’s New Energy 和 Industrial Technology 发展 Organization (NEDO) for a joint project focused on the development of revolutionary biomanufacturing technology to

Sun Chemical Receives Silver Rating for 可持续性 from EcoVadis

N帕西帕尼.J., U.S.A.  ——7月18日, 2023 – Sun Chemical received a silver rating for its sustainability efforts across all business units 和 regions from EcoVadis, the world’s largest provider of business sustainability ratings. The silver rating places Sun Chemical in the top 25 percent of rated companies within its business sector 和 was earned