Pigment Solutions for 塑料

我们的 global team of experts innovates to offer the plastics 和 fibers industries the breadth 和 depth of color for sustainable performance. We provide our customers with reliable quality 和 processing behavior as the industry reference for regulatory st和ards.

Supported by in-depth application know-how, we differentiate with:

  • High performance pigments 和 preparations that run the extra mile for our customers
  • Portfolio that outperforms for sensitive applications
  • Infrared light management functional solutions that enable laser welding or plastics recycling


纤维 coloration is one of the most challenging plastics processes due to a unique combination of polymer 和 pigment. Meeting benchmark 认证 like ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX® starts with the right high-quality pigment. 

探索 our broad portfolio for fibers 关于颜料查找器 以及我们的 纤维页面 that highlights solutions across the color spectrum.



我们的 pigments can take the heat! With outst和ing heat resistance 和 chemical stability, they perform durably in end-use applications. Thanks to excellent processing 和 dispersibility properties, they are ideal for dem和ing applications.

发现 portfolio for engineering plastics 关于颜料查找器.


Pigments for Sensitive Applications

Pigments for Sustainable Solutions



我们的 solutions for NIR light management empower new design possibilities 和 enable cutting-edge technologies, like laser welding 和 3D printing. While dark surfaces with st和ard black pigments intensely absorb solar energy 和 convert it to heat, our functional black pigments for solar heat management can be used to formulate systems that reflect sun radiation.

了解我们的 pigments for NIR light management.


Pigments for Sustainable 包装

可持续性 in plastics is not just a hot topic, it’s a driving force. 塑料 remain one of the most versatile design materials. That’s why we want to help our customers create new, sustainable design possibilities with our pigment technologies.

Effect Pigments for 塑料

色素仪: 探索 我们的 Portfolio of Colorants for 塑料 Applications

video will explain how you can explore our color materials portfolio. 使用 色素仪, you can filter by color, substrate, chemistry, performance requirement or application.

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